The Student's Committee

The British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS) has recently founded a Student Members’ Committee (SMC) that will work to encourage both undergraduate and postgraduate students to take an interest in Persian / Iranian Studies and to ensure that BIPS remains relevant to those studying in our fields.   The SMC will be seeking new student members to join in with BIPS activities, take advantage of BIPS research and travel grants, and give students an opportunity to collaborate and network with other students and scholars in the field through BIPS. The Committee will plan events for the student members and keep in touch with them through BIPS’s social media accounts as well as through our newsletter and other outreach emails.

In addition, the SMC is working with UK universities and student societies that are established and expanding their Iranian / Persian Studies programmes to speak to students about the benefits of joining BIPS and being more involved in the network of academics and professionals in Iranian / Persian Studies.

For more information about student membership at BIPS or working with the SMC, please contact us on or via the UK Administrator (

Officers and Members of the Student Members’ Committee

Alireza Shams Lahijani, Chair


Naciem Nikkihah Vice Chair



Aysha Marty, Treasurer


Anahita Alavi, Web/Media Officer
Web/Media Officer

Jordan Quill

Assisting Web Officer


Sara Banakar