Our 2016-17 grant applications will be open to assist scholars wishing to pursue research in all fields of Persian, Iranian, and wider Persian World studies . Most of the Institute’s research income is set aside for collaborative research projects. The British Institute of Persian Studies is currently seeking to attract applications from scholars in three “umbrella” programmes:

ANCIENT IRAN: “Ancient Iran and its Neighbours in Pre- and Early History”

MEDIEVAL IRAN: “Interactions of Muslim Intellectuals and Institutions with other Faiths in the Medieval Persianate World: Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Culture and Society”.

MODERN IRAN: “Recovering ‘Lost Voices’: The Role and Depiction of Iranian / Persianate Subalterns from the Thirteenth Century to the Modern Period”

YOU MUST consult the relevant project page and discuss your planned application with the Programme Director.

You should also consult the full details of our Research and Travel Grants. Please note that applications must be submitted on the Application Form preferably by email. You must have two references and you are responsible for ensuring that these references arrive at BIPS office by the deadline. Applications submitted late will NOT be considered, and nor will those that fail to meet the conditions of our grants.

Please contact our UK Administrator, Jane Gillespie, with any initial queries.


First Round: 30 SEPTEMBER 2016

Second Round: 27 JANUARY 2017

Application form containing grant conditions and application instructions will be available to download in due course.