Grant Reports


Below is a selection of our recent research and travel grant recipients’ reports on their BIPS-funded fieldwork, workshops, conferences etc. All award-holders are required to submit a report, and some are invited to present their research at the annual Spring Roundtable (which is held March – May every year). A full list of awards made in each financial year are available in our Annual Review []

Dr John Curtis (Iran Heritage Foundation/ British Academy) (2018) Conference: Revisiting Tappeh Sialk and Ancient Kashan £5,000 [REPORT]

Dr Cecilia Rossi (British Centre for Literary Translation) (2018) Workshop: Persian-English literary translation £3,986 [REPORT]

Dr Lloyd Ridgeon (University of Glasgow) (2018) Conference: Constructions of Gender in the Persianate World £1,000 [REPORT]  [PHOTOS]

Dr Moujan Matin (University of Oxford) (2017) Tiles of Ettehadieyh £3,000 [REPORT]   [PHOTO]

Ms Shiva Mihan (University of Cambridge) (2017) Research in Tehran libraries on Timurid Manuscript Production £620 [REPORT]

Ms Naciem Nikkah (University of Cambridge) (2017) Research in Indian libraries on 16th and 17th calligraphic manuscripts £740 [REPORT]

Dr Elizabeth Pendleton (British Museum) (2017) Parthian Coin Project – Mithradates II £6,000 [REPORT]

Dr Isle Sturkenboom (University of St Andrews) (2017) Workshop: Art, Patronage and Representation at the Court of Iskandar Sultan £3,000 [REPORT]

Dr Saeed Talajooy  (University of St Andrews) (2017) Iranian music and film makers £3,000 [REPORT]   [PHOTO]

Mr William Hofmann (SOAS) (2016) Interactions and transmission of knowledge between Persian, Central Asian & Indian musicians [£2,000] [REPORT]  [PHOTOS]

Dr Derek Mancini-Lander (SOAS) (2015) Workshop: Local History in the Persianate Cosmopolis [£3,000] [REPORT]

Ms Bahar Badiee (University of Kent) (2016) Orsi doors and windows as an architectural element of traditional Iranian design. [£400]  [REPORT] 

Mrs Haila Manteghi (University of Exeter) (2015)The Alexander Romance and Chivalry (Javanmardi) Motifs from the Shahnama to Persian Popular Romances. [£900] [REPORT]

Dr Jane Lewisohn (School of Oriental & African Studies) (2016) Collecting & Archiving the archive of Professor Tsuge Gen’ichi. [£1,575] [REPORT]

Dr Ruth Young (University of Leicester) (2016) Exploration of Zoroastrian villages, Yazd, Iran. [£2,000] [REPORT]

Ms Wannaporn Rienjang (University of Cambridge) (2015) Bimaran stupa deposit and the beginning of relic cult in ancient Afghanistan. [£2,698.80] [REPORT]

Dr Firuza Abdulaeva (Melville) (University of Cambridge) (2015) Literature, Art, Diplomacy and Empire. [£1,178] [REPORT]

Ms Marzieh Kaivanara (University of Bristol) (2015) Cosmetic Surgery in modern Iran. [£500] [REPORT]

Dr David Motadel (Universities of Cambridge & Edinburgh)(2015) Persian Shahs in Imperial Europe. [£1,500][REPORT]

Ms Natasha Morris (Courtauld Institute of Art)(2016) The Masculine Image in Qajar Iran (1782-1925) [£1,100] [REPORT]

Professor Peter Pormann (University of Manchester)(2015) Cataloguing Persian MSS at Ryland Institute Library. [£8,000][REPORT]

Dr Ruth Young (University of Leicester)(2014) Exploration of Zoroastrian villages, Iran. [£2,000] [REPORT]

Ms Beatrice Campi (SOAS)(2014) Visit Qajar Jewellry Collections. [£885] [REPORT]

Ms Jaimee Comstock Skipp (Courtauld Institute of Art)(2014) Exploration of Qajar Art. [£1,000] [REPORT]

Mr Mohammad Farhadinia (University of Oxford)(2014) Ecology and Conservation of the Persian Leopard. [£450] [REPORT]

Ms Jane Lewisohn (SOAS)(2014) Visit Archives of the Golha Project. [£900] [REPORT]