Modern Programme

Dr Shabnam Holliday (University of Plymouth)

Call for Papers:


Iran and the International

17-18 April 2020, University of Plymouth, UK


This workshop is funded by the British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS) and is part of the Modern Research Project. The overall aim of the project is to contextualise Iran’s engagement with the international historically and intellectually. This is in response to some contemporary discourses that tend to present the world in terms of the ‘West’ on the one hand, and the ‘Global South’, ‘Third World’, or the ‘non-West’ on the other hand.

The aim of the workshop is to explore Iran’s relationship with the international during the Qajar, Pahlavi and Islamic Republic periods. It will do this by focusing on the relationship between the international and the role of ideas; intellectual history; and communities or social groups in Iran.

Importantly, the workshop encourages research from several disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, such as Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Cultural Studies, History and Global History, Political Theory, Politics, International Relations, Islamic Studies, Sociology, and Theology. Crucially, it stresses the need for interdisciplinary engagement.

If you wish to be considered, kindly email a 250 word abstract by 20 January 2020 to