The British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS) is dedicated to promoting and supporting scholarship, research excellence and understanding on all aspects of Iran and the wider Persianate world.

BIPS 60th Anniversary events are online

BIPS is delighted to announce the first two events celebrating the Institute's 60th Anniversary.   The first event, Approaches to Iranian Art: In Conversation with Robert Hillenbrand and Bernard O'Kane, will take place on 29 July and it will be open to everyone...

IRAN 59/1 (2021)

Iran 59/1 (2021)     BIPS is delighted to announce the publication of Iran 59/1 (2021). Members can access the journal online logging in to their accounts on the BIPS website. Hard copies of Iran 59/1 have been dispatched and members who opted to receive...

Persian Arts of the Book conference

Persian Arts of the Book About the event 'Persian Arts of the Book' gathers scholars from around the world with expert curators from Oxford and beyond to reflect on the Persian manuscript tradition. In a series of short presentations and thematic panel discussions we...

Safavid Persia in the Age of Empires.

Safavid Persia in the Age of Empires.   Edited by Professor Charles Melville   The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries saw the establishment of the new Safavid regime in Iran. Along with reuniting the Persian lands under one rule, the Safavids initiated the...

BIPS 60th Anniversary: Fundraising campaign

BIPS launches a new fundraising campaign on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary   Since its foundation in 1961, BIPS has played an important role in championing knowledge and understanding of Iran and the Persianate world. BIPS’s activities and objectives are...


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