The Iran Society Bursary

The Iran Society has provided BIPS with a ONE YEAR bursary of £5000 for 2022-23 to enable a final year PhD student enrolled at a United Kingdom  University to complete, and time permitting, to initiate a post-doctoral research project. The bursary may be divided into £2500 each for two finalists for the same purpose. Applicants either well-into their third year, or in a fourth writing-up year of their programme will be eligible.

Applicants will need to provide a curriculum vitae and:

      • a brief summary of the project in c. 100 words and a c. 500 word description in greater detail.
      • a timeline plan indicating the stages of their project and the anticipated final date of submission
      • realistic details of their current funding position, budget and the costs of the study up to completion. If they will complete well within the year they must give the financial details involved in any postdoctoral project till the final date of this award.
      • the names of two referees, one of whom should be their supervisor.

Publication is an absolute condition of the award, and acknowledgement of both the Iran Society and BIPS, who will be administering it, will be required. The Iran Society and BIPS should see and approve the appropriate acknowledgement of funding in any proposed publication prior to its actual appearance.

Two references are required, and referees should be requested to send these directly to the BIPS Executive Office ( It is the responsibility of the applicants to ensure that the application form and references arrive by the deadline; late applications, or those without references, will not be considered.

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