BIPS April 2020-2021 Grants
Published on March 1, 2020
Written by BIPS

Applications for the round of the BIPS April 2020-2021 RESEARCH and TRAVEL GRANT AWARDS are invited. These grants are to assist scholars wishing to pursue research in the area of arts, humanities and social science research, relating to the Persianate world, particularly Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Transcaucasia, Iraq, the Persian Gulf littoral and South Asia. Subject areas include, but are not limited to: Art, Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Cultural Studies, History, Language, Literature, Politics, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Scholars who apply must be attached to a UK Higher Educational Institution (university, museum or similar).

Most of the grant funds are set aside for collaborative research projects and we are currently seeking to attract applications from scholars under three “umbrella” programmes:

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these projects, please contact the Programme Directors.

Grants are awarded mainly to cover post-doctoral research within Iran and the wider Persian World, but grants may also be available to those who wish to study similar material outside Iran.

We offer a limited number of travel grants to students but these funds are NOT available for course work nor will college or university fees be paid.

All applications must include accurate budgets and a detailed breakdown of costs, and candidates are required to satisfy the selectors that their proposals are realistic in this respect.

Publication of the research is an absolute condition of the award and BIPS should see and approve the appropriate acknowledgement of BIPS’s funding in any proposed publication prior to its actual appearance.

Download the application form here.

You must communicate with the Programme Director relevant to your project, preferably at least two weeks prior to the deadline, before you submit the application. You must be a member of BIPS to receive an award. Two references are required and referees should be requested to send these directly to the Executive Officer ( It is the responsibility of the applicants to ensure that the application form and references arrive by the deadline; late applications, or those without references, will not be considered.

Applications should be sent by email to reach the Executive Officer no later than TUESDAY 31st March 2020 @ 6.00 PM UK time. Selections will be made the following weeks with all applicants being notified of the result of their application by end of April 2020.

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