Gallery: Persian Miniatures Course 2019
Published on June 8, 2020
Written by BIPS

We are excited to partner with the Centre for Iranian Studies (SOAS) to host regular workshop series on Persian miniatures. The course is designed to take participants on a pleasant journey to the mysterious world of Persian miniatures, teaching them about materials, colours, paper preparation and Persian miniature styles.

During the course, students are guideded through the various stages of making Persian miniatures and experience the whole process practically. They learn how to prepare the paper, what the fundamental elements of landscape-making are and how to draw nature as depicted in Persian miniatures, how to transfer a sketch onto the prepared paper, colouring and shading techniques and how to outline and elaborate painting and add delicate details with a fine brush.

The course starts with a short historical introduction to Persian miniatures and the stylistic features of different Persian miniatures’ schools. Practical lessons begin with one of the basic, yet essential, elements of Persian miniature: nature. The course aims to familiarise participants with the conventional methods used to illustrate nature in a number of historical schools of Persian painting: the Īlkhānīd, Timūrīd and Safavīd ones. During each session, students’ works will be looked at by the instructor on an individual basis and necessary instructions will be given. While practising, students will be advised about some theoretical-aesthetic concepts in Persian-Islamic visual art.

No background in arts is necessary; beginners are welcome to start and move forward step by step whereas students who already have a background knowledge and/or experience will be taught according to their level.

Please enjoy the gallery below of the course participants in action as well as some of the final artwork and keep watching our space for details on when the course is available:

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