Sylloge Nummorum Parthicorum (SNP) 2: Mithradates II
Published on December 3, 2020
Written by BIPS

We are delighted to announce the publication of Sylloge Nummorum Parthicorum (SNP) 2: Mithradates II. This, the second title in the series, has been produced by Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis, Alexandra Magub, Elizabeth J. Pendleton and Edward C.D. Hopkins. Altogether 1,997 Parthian coins of Mithradates (Mehrdad) II who ruled from 122/1- 91 BC are published in the volume.  These coins were drawn from the collections of the American Numismatic Society, New York, the British Museum, London,  the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, the Institut für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte and Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, the Muzeh Melli/National Museum of Iran, Tehran, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, and the private collection of the late David Sellwood, as well as some other supplementary sources. All these coins have been individually catalogued and illustrated in the publication.

Detailed research on these Parthian coins has enabled the authors to establish a chronology for the coins of Mithradates II that is derived from their new typology. Information extracted from the coins was blended with the historical information available, both primary and secondary.

The SNP2 project received financial support from the British Museum Research Board and Publications Fund, BIPS, the Iran Heritage Foundation and the Royal Numismatic Foundation. We are grateful to all participating institutions and many individuals, and  input by colleagues at the Austrian Academy and the Austrian Press in Vienna has been invaluable.

The SNP2 team is now embarking on the next volume: SNP 4 and the coins of Mithradates III – Orodes II, who reigned from 57 to 38 BC.

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