Case Studies

Below is a selection of our recent research and travel grant recipients’ reports on their BIPS-funded fieldwork, workshops, conferences etc. All award-holders are required to submit a report, and some are invited to present their research at the annual Spring Roundtable (which is held March – May every year).

A full list of awards made in each financial year are available in our Annual Review

Revisiting Tappeh Sialk and Ancient Kashan Conference Report

Revisiting Tappeh Sialk and Ancient Kashan Conference Report

by John Curtis

Report of the grant I received for my trip to India:

by Naciem Nikkah

Report on a BIPS Sponsored Travel Grant to Iran

by Bahar Badiee

Grant Report Mancini-Lander

by Dr. Derek Mancini-Lander

Zoroastrian Villages Historical Archaeology Project, Iran. Report on the first fieldseason.

by Dr Ruth Young

2015-16 Grant Report

by Dr Roham Alvandi

‘The Masculine Image in Qajar Iran: 1779-1925.’ Grant Report

by Natasha Morris

Research Project Report: Persian Shahs in Imperial Europe, 1873-1905.

by David Motadel

Report on a BIPS-Sponsored Research Trip to Japan

by Jane Lewisohn, Department of Music, SOAS, University of London

The Alexander Romance and Chivalry (Javanmardi) Motifs from the Shahnama to Persian Popular Romances for the BIPS Newsletter

by Haila Manteghi

Cosmetic Surgery, A Shortcut: Ethnographic Study of Class and Gender in Iran

by Marzieh Kaivanara

Bimaran Workshop

Bimaran Workshop

by Wannaporn Reinjang

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